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  • The real legacy of Tina Turner (and what business has got to do with it)

    It’s easy to look at someone as iconic as Tina Turner and just marvel at her talent. Her voice, her energy, her ability to perform, it was seriously unmatched. ​ However, as women we owe her so much more then just what she gave us on stage. ​ She inspired women by showing us… ​​ […]

  • How to overcome discouragement as a woman in business

    Do you ever feel discouraged in business? You aren’t alone. It happens. And business has seasons too. There are seasons for everything: bliss, prosperity, joy, valleys, and weariness. We all experience them. I have had major highs in business. The client wins, the media coverage, the next group launches, the pay days, the growth, the […]

  • 5 ways to grow your customer base using social media

    In today’s digital age, social media platforms offer your business a powerful tool for connecting with your target audience and expand their customer base. By utilizing the right strategies, you can leverage social media to foster meaningful relationships, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive business growth. Here are five effective ways to grow your customers […]

  • 8 ways to promote your business (for free)

    15 years ago, the yellow pages and TV ads were the only way you could get people to discover your business. But, thank goodness, the smartphone, the internet and google has changed the way we do everything – business included. It’s not just enough to be the best in the industry. You have to be […]

  • Should I Have a Back Up Plan For My Career?

    “Plan B” is not something we like discussing when it comes to our careers. Some people feel strongly that to be successful, you have to crawl out on a limb and then cut it off behind you. It sounds bold and courageous, but sometimes that strategy also results in careers (and lives) crashing to the ground. […]

  • Freelancers: Here’s how to Handle Success so You Don’t Lose It All

    Oddly enough, one of the biggest challenges for freelancers is what to do when things are going well and you start juggling multiple projects. Obviously, that seems like a good problem to have, but it’s also a good way to let balls drop – never a good idea with clients. For instance, you may begin […]

  • The 10 ways you can start building your wealth today

    Inflation is biting, interest rates are rising. The cost of living is going up. Depressed by the current state of affairs? Well, you needn’t be. Building wealth can be achieved in any economy, so get out of that down-in-the-dumps mood and let’s get cracking on how you can change your financial situation. Building wealth is […]

  • How to Take Your Client Meetings to a New Level

    A friend of mine invited me to a client meeting of his, and the meeting could be described in one word: meltdown. It was a disaster from the word go, and as I watched the dreadful scene unfold, it made me think of key ways to make client meetings productive, pleasant, and even fun. If […]

  • The ten ways you can build a better business

    Building a successful business requires careful planning, hard work, and a willingness to continuously improve. Here are ten ways to help you build a better business: By following these ten steps, you can build a better business that stands out from the competition and provides value to customers. *** Nicole Danswan is a Director at […]

  • If you build it, she WILL come. Inspiration for showing up with your message

    Any ‘Field of Dreams’ fans out there? I loved that film growing up. It’s so similar to business. It starts with a vision. A whisper. Something that might make NO sense in the practical world, to your circumstances, to your bank account, to your lifestyle. But that’s where the journey begins. When you start building […]

  • How to stop those negative voices from running your life

    I see all the time when friends and clients have a new idea, something that totally excites them – and for a moment they are stuck in the glory of possibility – and then a voice comes up and quickly and shuts it down. In the form of: It’s too risky… I wouldn’t know how… […]

  • What I have learned about surrender and achievement in motherhood

    Wanna hear the complexity of being a coach and a Christian? I believe you can create a life and career on your terms – you can own your life, your time, your joy – but God is at the center of all of it. If you try and control too much of it, you’ll lose […]