• The Importance Of Setting Your Imagination Free

    Let’s face it. You live a hectic life. Work, family, emails, SMS, social media, television, Netflix … there’s more than enough attention-grabbing stuff out there to fill your day 24/7 and then some. So … when do you allow your imagination to roam free? When do you turn your heart and your mind to things […]

  • Why You Should Ditch Your Home-Office For A Shared Space

    Having temporarily moved to Melbourne, I have been in the unusual situation of working out of my bedroom. As a long-time exponent of working from home, I was surprised to find this situation very challenging. With several project dead-lines looming, there was little opportunity to get out and about. With this in mind, I decided […]

  • ‘I Wish I Had’, Or ‘I’m Glad I Did’: Which Will It Be?

    Over the Christmas break I have been reading Zig Ziglar’s amazing book, Over The Top. It’s not my copy, but is in the house where we are staying for our ten day break. One of Zig’s key statements is related to how you want to live your life. Will it be ‘I wish I had’, […]