In this noisy world, many businesses are looking for an edge over their competition. If you’re good at what you do, then the time is right now to consider writing a book to compliment your knowledge and skills, making you an expert in your industry.

While Author Now was set up to work with pastors, we have morphed into being a book publishing partner for business people as well. Authoring a book is one of the fastest ways of gaining the credibility you need in your industry to stand out from the competition.

It’s what we in the book publishing business call ‘an expensive business card’. Imagine going into a prospective client meeting and handing them a copy of your book, or sending them a copy in the mail. Immediately you’re seen as being the expert in your field, leapfrogging you and your business over your competition.

Our team is here to help. We cover every component of the publishing step, meaning you’ll have print copies of your book at the completion of the process, as well as global distribution on sites like Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million,, and thousands more.

Our minimum print order is just 30 units at any time, so once production is complete, just a couple of hundred dollars will get you copies in your hands – and more to the point, in your client’s hands.

Author Now is a division of leading Christian publisher Ark House Press.

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