Monthly Archives: October 2023

  • The real legacy of Tina Turner (and what business has got to do with it)

    It’s easy to look at someone as iconic as Tina Turner and just marvel at her talent. Her voice, her energy, her ability to perform, it was seriously unmatched. ​ However, as women we owe her so much more then just what she gave us on stage. ​ She inspired women by showing us… ​​ […]

  • How to overcome discouragement as a woman in business

    Do you ever feel discouraged in business? You aren’t alone. It happens. And business has seasons too. There are seasons for everything: bliss, prosperity, joy, valleys, and weariness. We all experience them. I have had major highs in business. The client wins, the media coverage, the next group launches, the pay days, the growth, the […]