Monthly Archives: August 2020

  • If the business world zigs, then you need to zag

    Some years ago, there was a book written by Siimon Reynolds, a legend of advertising, titled, ‘When They Zig, You Zag’. The entire point of his book was doing the opposite of what the crowd is doing. Right now, we are right in the middle of Covid and this is the perfect time to do […]

  • When gaining everything leaves you spiritually bankrupt

    I recently watched the ‘Filthy Rich’ series on Netflix about Jeffrey Epstein. While what he did was disgusting, and at times hard to watch, I was more intrigued in trying to understand what would drive someone of his wealth into the seedy lifestyle he lived. As I watched the series, I honestly felt terribly sad […]

  • How to Deal With Tough Clients While Building Your Brand

    I receive a lot of questions from freelancers or other creative people launching agencies, production companies, and other businesses. One of the most popular questions is “How should I deal with really tough or difficult clients?“ I was speaking with Jenny Holt recently who’s been a freelance writer for more than a decade and dealt […]