Monthly Archives: July 2020

  • Maximize Your Impact by Training Your Team

    Here’s a situation at churches and ministries I encounter from time to time: A leader with great gifts plants a church or launches a ministry. At the start there’s no money, so he or she hires friends, relatives, church members, or eager volunteers – all with very little or no experience.  But the church or […]

  • Alibaba’s billionaire founder has advice that might help you too

    I was sent the video below by a colleague recently. My days are very full and I often don’t stop to watch these sorts of videos, but for some reason I did. Jack Ma is no ordinary guy. Forbes states that his net worth is just shy of $50 billion. Just overnight, I read that […]

  • It all starts with a vision

    For a long time, I have been a major admirer of Sir Martin Sorrell. While you might not know his name, you may have head of advertising agencies like Ogilvy, or Young & Rubicon. And if you haven’t heard of them, then simply switch on the TV and watch for the major brands’ advertisements. His […]

  • Yes, motivation really matters

    Motivation really does matter. Most of us can recognise the benefits of motivation in our lives – increased levels of confidence, satisfaction and achievement. You’ve probably also experienced what it’s like to have little or no motivation – it feels like being stuck in a quagmire – when everything is slow and tedious, and apathy […]