Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • Why your future is in your hands and no-one else’s

    I worry that we live in a culture today where growing numbers of people look outside themselves for success. And when they fail, it’s always someone else’s fault. But the government, your parents, your education, and your job aren’t the key to your success – you are. Whenever I feel my dreams losing steam, I […]

  • The coronavirus is your chance to get your business in order

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of spare time in my life. Between working, going to church and chasing around four children, there is not a lot of spare time. And that is not necessarily a good thing. When we’re racing around and chasing our tales, we are so busy […]

  • Where’s the Place That Inspires You?

    Now that it’s summer, it’s good to remember that for most people, geography impacts inspiration. There are extraordinary places on the planet that spark our imaginations and light up our creativity. The problem is, most people never think about “location” when it comes to creativity. Trust me – high performing creative people know the places […]

  • How You Can Change Your Career After 50

    There’s no question that changing careers after 50 can be a terrifying prospect. Things like a changing economy, advancing technology, more (and younger) competition – all can easily keep someone stuck in a dead-end job rather than taking a risk on the career of their dreams. But in my book, “One Big Thing: Discovering What […]