Monthly Archives: February 2020

  • Are you a Confident Woman with Clear Direction?

    Confidence is a learnt behavior. Everyone can be confident. It may be outwardly different as each person is uniquely different, but in essence you can be confident. Somehow over the years women, in particular, see the powerful, centre stage woman as confident and may well be inspired to be her or even feel intimidated by […]

  • Some good advice from a Christian billionaire

    OK, before you start reading this, I need to break the news to you that I am not the billionaire here. The billionaire is someone else and I am just telling the story. My wife is currently doing a Dave Ramsey Bible Study plan. You know Dave Ramsey, the finance guy who encourages Christians to […]

  • Sorry, but you cannot go back to ‘the good old days’

    My favorite sport in the world is surfing – both to do and to watch. As we were driving along recently, my wife told me that the body that runs surfing globally, World Surf league, (WSL) had announced they had a new CEO. Later that night, when the kids had all gone to bed, I […]

  • Are you on the look-out for opportunities?

    I recently watched a fantastic documentary called ‘The Secrets of Coca-Cola’ and it was a remarkable look at how this massive company got its start in the soda business… after he removed the cocaine from its recipe. Coca-Cola’s history is fascinating. It is the story of how a brown liquid that only made $50 (£39.25) […]

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say, “I Don’t Know”

    Way too often in modern business, competition makes us feel that we can’t ask for help. We think it will show weakness, and as a result, we lie. We try to make everyone think we can handle everything, when the truth is, we have lots of questions. Here’s my take: Insecure people are terrified that […]