Monthly Archives: November 2019

  • How To Get Noticed in a Cluttered World

    If you want to have influence at any level, you need to learn how to get your ideas and expertise noticed. Too many people today have brilliant insight, but they don’t know the keys to getting anyone to listen. It’s a cluttered world out there, so if you’re going to get heard, here’s 5 key […]

  • Do you know how to sell yourself?

    Most people would understand that if you’re going to go into a business meeting, you need to know how to sell your product or service. The best way of doing this, of course, is to start by having a great product or service in the first place. But can you sell yourself? So right now, […]

  • How you can get out of debt

    The Bible has a lot of practical advice to give when it comes to money, especially how to manage it well and how to stay away from bad debt. Australia has one of the highest household debt rates in the world. While other countries’ household debt has levelled out or is decreasing, Australia’s is still […]

  • The Seven People That Are Killing Your Organization

    1. The One Trick Pony. I once worked with a person in charge of a nonprofit’s direct mail fundraising program. One time with the monthly donor letter he used yellow paper and noticed that he received an 6% higher than normal response. Assuming that was the only factor, he made a rule that from then […]

  • Don’t’ wait! You’ve got to start with what’s in your hand

    Over the weekend, our church had a visiting speaker from San Diego. I have known him for many years and we published his first ever book. He is a fantastic guy and we get on really well. As he was speaking, he acknowledged my wife and I as the publishers of the book that got […]

  • Don’t Mistake Being Busy for Being Productive

    We’re all busy, but a big problem happens when we mistake busyness for productivity. Just because we’re doing a lot, doesn’t mean we’re doing what’s important, or doing it well. So if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with being “busy,” here’s a few important suggestions: 1. Tame your task list:  Research indicates that half of our […]

  • Why it’s ok if things take longer than planned

    Okay, I am guilty as charged here. Maybe I am hypocritical in writing this article, as it describes me to a tee. Well, at least it has in the past. Most of my working life has been about setting ‘BHAG’ goals – otherwise known as big, hairy, audacious goals – and hammering through the work […]

  • The Entrepreneurial Mom Revolution

    The workplace is changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up with it. Fewer jobs. Jobs going offshore. Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over and so much more. But there is a plus to this changing landscape and that is the number of women choosing to start businesses from their homes. Suddenly the work life […]